IMBEWU Services

Development Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Authorisation Advice

IMBEWU advises industrial, governmental and mining organisations, Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAPs) and environmental consultancies, development applicants and interested and affected parties on EIA-related legal issues.

We provide practical and focused advice on EIA processes and applicable “listed activities” that trigger the EIA requirement. We conduct environmental legal reviews of the various EIA documents in order to identify key concerns and risks. We further provide a strategic overview of the environmental legal requirements applicable to the proposed activity, including further environmental authorisations that may be required.

IMBEWU has been involved in the EIAs for large projects such as the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link EIA and other linear projects for transmission lines, pipelines and other transportation projects, such as the Bus Rapid Transit System implemented by the Johannesburg Development Agency.