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September 2020

Monthly SHE Legislation Update
Monthly Sustainability Newsletter

August 2020

Monthly SHE Legislation Update
Monthly Sustainability Newsletter

IRP 2019

Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2019)

Recent Articles

The Wake Effect – September 2020

Landowner compensation agreements – a possible halt to mining – August 2019

South Africa’s Climate Change Legal Regime – August 2019

Transfer of Environmental Licences in a Sale – April 2019

Transitional Conundrums in the Mining & Environmental Legal Regime – February 2019

Recent Amendments to Air Pollution Limits – January 2019

A Different Standard of Environmental Regulation in Gauteng – January 2019

Is your Company’s Borehole Legally Compliant – November 2018

Reflections On Key Environmental Legal Developments Over The Past Year For The Mining Sector – October 2018

The Boards Enhanced Role in the Amended ISO 14001 – June 2018

GHG Emission Reports Due Paving the Way to a Carbon Tax Regime – March 2018

Section 24G NEMA Fines and the Importance of Timeous Appeals – March 2018

What are the Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulations, and Do They Apply to My Company – December 2017

A Summary for EAPs on the 2017 Changes to the NEMA 2014 EIA Regulations and Listing Notices – September 2017

A Reconsideration of the Ambit and Adequacy of Sanctions in the 2015 Financial Provision Regulations – August 2017

Considerations for Mine Closure – April 2017

Evolving Financial Provision Requirements for Mines in South Africa – December 2016

Auditing is a New Feature of the 2014 EIA Regulations – April 2016

Information Alerts

Rhinoceros Related Legislation – September 2018