IMBEWU Services

SHE Electronic Legal Registers

IMBEWU offers a number of different legal registers, including:

  • an Environmental Legal Register;
  • an Occupational Health and Safety Legal Register;
  • a Mine Health and Safety Legal Register
  • a Protected Areas Legal Register
  • an Eco-Tourism and Hospitality Legal Register
  • a Renewable Energy Environmental Legal Registers for Wind and Solar Energy Facilities
  • a Food Safety Legal Register
  • a Medical Clinic Legal Register
  • an Authorisations Legal Register; and
  • SHE Legal Registers for other African countries, including Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius and Swaziland

We currently offer two types of SHE Legal Registers, being a site specific activity based SHE Legal Register and aspects and risks based SHE Legal Register.

We furthermore provide our clients with a comprehensive SHE Legislation database which contains all applicable and updated SHE Legislation applicable to the clients’ specific operation, and which is linked to brief explanations of the statutory provisions as well as detailed legal commentaries.  The register also acts as a document management system where the operations’ key environmental and health and safety policies, permits, licences and authorisations are included in the register and linked to the relevant activities and/or aspects.