IMBEWU Services

SHE Legal Compliance Evaluations (“Audits”)

IMBEWU undertakes Environmental and Health and Safety Legal Compliance Evaluations (or “Audits”) for a wide range of mining and industrial operations throughout South Africa. Our audits assist our clients to comply with applicable national and municipal law, ISO 14 001 and/or internal legal compliance benchmarks on an ongoing basis.

Our audits are designed to identify areas of non-compliance in a company’s operation, provide an overview of the risks associated therewith and outline recommendations on how to effectively address these going forward.

Our audits assess a company’s compliance based on feedback from relevant personnel and our findings flowing from a site visit, document review and interview process.

We conduct general audits as well as project-specific audits. We further conduct audits which assess compliance with the conditions of a specific environmental authorisation, or a suite thereof. This latter service has been prompted by certain environmental authorisations now requiring that an external service provider assess compliance with the attached conditions.