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Safety Health & Environmental (SHE) Legal Register

IMBEWU SHE Legal Registers serve as a guideline to link environmental and health & safety legal requirements, not only to clients’ specific activities, but also to legislative provisions and legal commentaries. Our SHE legal registers are aimed at improving actual compliance at an operational level to minimise risks and also to meet the relevant requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.
Our state-of-the-art online electronic SHE Legal Registers are cost effective, contemporary and streamlined for easy access with secure passwords, easy navigation, explanations of SHE legislation relevant to specific operations, access to a comprehensive searchable SHE legislation database (which is updated monthly) and include site-specific documentation.

IMBEWU offers a number of different legal register options, including:
– Environmental Legal Registers;
– Occupational Health and Safety Legal Registers;
– Mine Health and Safety Legal Registers;
– Protected Areas Legal Registers;
– Eco-Tourism and Hospitality Legal Registers;
– Renewable Energy Environmental Legal Registers for Wind and Solar Energy Facilities;
– Food Safety Legal Registers;
– Medical Clinic Legal Registers;
– Authorisations Legal Registers; and
– Property Developer Legal Registers

Safety Health And Environment

SHE Legal Compliance Evaluations/Audits

Our SHE Legal Compliance Audits assist to minimize business risks and prioritise management actions based on the identification of gaps in compliance. We have developed an interactive online legal audit system that is customised to evaluate each operation’s compliance based on its specific activities. This online platform is both cost effective and user friendly and will make the audit process quicker and easier for SHE personnel and assist them to track SHE legal compliance and to institute corrective action.
Key features of this auditing tool:
• Initial audit checklist is customised to remove irrelevant legal requirements;
• multiple user capabilities;
• can be loaded to hand held devices;
• audit report is automatically generated;
• audit report includes photographs from site inspections;
• executive summary and pie chart shows the current state of compliance; and
• auditee can record corrective actions and assign responsible personnel.

IMBEWU Training

We offer sustainability-related legal training courses and webinars to a wide range of attendees, as well as in-house training courses developed to clients’ specific requirements and desired outcomes, varying in scope, depth and duration according to brief.
Multi-disciplinary, practical learning programmes including industry specialists on energy, mining, health, safety and environmental law are also offered at our offices, at other venues and through webinars.
IMBEWU’s Training options include:
– Environmental law (full suite of legislation covered);
– Annual updates to environmental legislation;
– Environmental legal liability;
– Environmental impact assessments;
– Occupational health & safety law;
– Mining law;
– Mine health & safety;
– Financial provision and mine closure requirements;
– Water law;
– Waste law;
– Contaminated land issues;
– Renewable energy;
– Air quality law;
– Greenhouse gas emission reporting;
– Marine and coastal law;
– Biodiversity law; and
– Carbon Tax law.

Corporate Sustainability (CS) and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Services

IMBEWU offers a number of services related to ESG and corporate sustainability, including:
– Drafting of the compliance-related components of Corporate Sustainability Reports;
– Reviewing the adequacy of the compliance related findings associated with the operations which are the subject of CS Reports, measured against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) requirements;
– Advising on the risks associated with legal non-compliance, both to the corporate entity and its directors; and
– Providing well-rounded and intensive corporate sustainability advisory services including risk assessment and response, strategic guidance and updating on developing compliance and enforcement trends.
Certain IMBEWU team members have completed the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Training Programme on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Process.

SHE Legislation Updates and Tracking Legal Developments

We prepare customised monthly SHE newsletters for a broad spectrum of industrial and mining clients, which identify SHE legislative changes that are relevant to the clients, interpret the applicability of such changes to their day-today operations and provide recommendations as to the actions necessary in order to align the client’s operations with the legislative changes.