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SHE Legal Compliance Evaluations / Audits

SHE Legal Compliance Evaluations/Audits

Our SHE Legal Compliance Audits assist to minimize business risks and prioritise management actions based on the identification of gaps in compliance. We have developed an interactive online legal audit system that is customised to evaluate each operation’s compliance based on its specific activities. This online platform is both cost effective and user friendly and will make the audit process quicker and easier for SHE personnel and assist them to track SHE legal compliance and to institute corrective action.
Key features of this auditing tool:
• Initial audit checklist is customised to remove irrelevant legal requirements;
• multiple user capabilities;
• can be loaded to hand held devices;
• audit report is automatically generated;
• audit report includes photographs from site inspections;
• executive summary and pie chart shows the current state of compliance; and
• auditee can record corrective actions and assign responsible personnel.